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Japanese delicaciesーー

According to WHO data, the average lifespan of japanese people is the longest in the world.
The food that supports their health is not the world-famous food like ramen or sushi, but the food that is taken in everyday life as it is presented here.
Therefore, we recommend you enjoy such dishes prepared from food with traditional umami flavor.
This umami from fermented food, e.g. soy sauce or miso paste, has been highly protected and cultivated since ancient times in Japan, that it is considered healthy for the body and characteristic for japanese cuisine,
We offer you dishes that only need to be warmed up briefly or can simply be eaten immediately.




Hijiki no nitsuke (Code: FD-FF-002)
3.80 EUR
cooked Hijiki (Brown seaweed)
Kiriboshi daikon (Code: FD-FF-003)
3.80 EUR
cooked dried radish
Za-sai itame (Code: FD-FF-004)
3.80 EUR
spicy roasted za-sai
Kimpira gobo (Code: FD-FF-005)
3.80 EUR
fried sliced burdock
Kimpira renkon (Code: FD-FF-006)
3.80 EUR
roasted lotus root, cut into thin slices.
Umaki (Code: FD-FF-007)
5.80 EUR
Omelet with roasted eel.
Tori dango (Code: FD-FF-008)
3.80 EUR
chicken ball
Ooba miso (Code: FD-FF-009)
5.80 EUR
Miso paste seasoned with ooba (perilla leaves)
Hotate kaibashira (Code: FD-FF-011)
9.80 EUR
dried scallops
KABUKI hamburger steak (Code: FD-FF-012)
10.50 EUR
hamburger steak with Ozaki beef and Jack's Creek filet in truffle mushroom sauce
Buta miso-zuke yaki (Code: FD-FF-013)
7.00 EUR
grilled pork with miso
Ton-jiru (Code: FD-FF-014)
5.00 EUR
miso soup with pork
Ebi-chili (Code: FD-FF-018)
8.20 EUR
prawns with chili sauce
Salmon Saikyo-yaki (Code: FD-FF-019)
7.50 EUR
grilled salmon in Saikyo-white miso
Nameko-Jiru (vegan) (Code: FD-FF-023)
4.00 EUR
miso soup with nameko mushroom (vegan)
Miso-shiru (Code: FD-FF-024)
3.00 EUR
miso soup
Gohan (Code: FD-FF-025)
1.50 EUR
cooked YUME-NISHIKI rice
Togarashi-miso (Code: FD-FF-026)
5.80 EUR
Miso with hot peppers.
Shime saba (Code: FD-FF-028)
8.20 EUR
soused (vinegared) mackerel
Saba miso-ni (Code: FD-FF-029)
8.20 EUR
simmered mackerel with miso
Gohan 180g x 5 (Code: FD-FF-031)
6.00 EUR
cooked YUME-NISHIKI rice
hamburger steak (Code: FD-FF-032)
10.50 EUR
hamburger steak with shiso-ponzu-souce
Yaki onigiri (Code: FD-FF-033)
3.80 EUR
grilled rice ball
Ingen to hijiki no ume ae (Code: FD-FF-036)
3.80 EUR
green beans and hijiki with pickled Japanese plums.

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