Wines, Sake



Sake selection 1 (Code: SS-NS-005)
Not available
115.00 EUR
3 bottles Sake selection
Sake selection 2 (Code: SS-NS-006)
180.00 EUR
3 bottles Sake selection
(Code: SS-NS-032)
158.00 EUR
90.00 EUR
Kubota Seppou (Code: SS-NS-024)
69.00 EUR
Soujo Kubota Seppou (Code: SS-NS-023)
69.00 EUR
Dassai 39 (Code: SS-NS-037)
65.00 EUR
57.00 EUR
Kazenomori Tsuyuhakaze (Code: SS-NS-016)
49.00 EUR
39.00 EUR
Dassai 45 (Code: SS-NS-036)
39.00 EUR
Senchu Hassaku Nama-sake (Code: SS-NS-039)
35.10 EUR
Kuheiji Eau du Desir 2018 (Code: SS-NS-030)
33.80 EUR
Akira junmai organic (Code: SS-NS-029)
32.30 EUR
Ninja Tokubetsu-junmaishu (Code: SS-NS-035)
26.45 EUR
120.00 EUR
World Cognac Awards 2020   World's Best Cognac
(Code: SS-NS-021)
50.00 EUR
(Code: SS-NS-022)
48.00 EUR
"CHOYA" UMESHU 50ml×3 (Code: SS-NS-040)
9.80 EUR
Japanese plum Liqueur
9.30 EUR
Gokyo 180ml (Code: SS-NS-042)
8.20 EUR
German wine selection (Code: SS-WS-006)
204.60 EUR
6 bottles germany wine selection
French wine selection (Code: SS-WS-004)
171.60 EUR
6 bottles french wine selection
Pinot Noir selection (Code: SS-WS-001)
136.60 EUR
3 bottles Pinot Noir selection
Israeli wine selection (Code: SS-WS-005)
146.60 EUR
6 bottles Israeli wine selection
Riesling selection (Code: SS-WS-002)
78.60 EUR
3 bottles Riesling selection
Chardonnay selection (Code: SS-WS-003)
65.60 EUR
3 bottles Chardonnay selection
Spain wine selection (Code: SS-WS-007)
55.60 EUR
3 bottles spain wine selection

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