Japanese teapots with strainer

Japanese teapots with strainer
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Japanese teapots with strainer Japanese teapots with strainer Japanese teapots with strainer
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The iron contained in the pottery clay of Tokoname combines with the yellow acid in the tea through a chemical reaction, making the tea milder and tastier. ( In the Tokoname teapots, a chemical reaction of the iron in the potter's clay runs on the yellow acid in the tea, making the taste of the tea milder and tastier).

And unlike the teapots covered with glaze, the Tokonamee teapots are fired without glaze with care not to burn too far.

As these products have the characteristic of porosity, the remaining impurities are adsorbed in the tea and therefore the tea can be offered in a tastier way.

As the tea leaves of the deeply steamed tea are fine and small, they can eventually pass through the filter. Our Sawayaka teapot has a very fine filter, so that the Fukamuschi-tcha (the deep stewed tea) can be offered best.


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