Ozaki Wagyu beef ribeye

Ozaki Wagyu beef ribeye
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Ozaki Wagyu Beef Ribeye

ABURI-TARE<Garlic sauce>
Freshly grated wasabi
Sea salt from Japan
content weight: 300g

26,67 € /100g



Ozaki Wagyu Beef Ribeye, ABURI-TARE(TERIYAKI Sauce(Rice Wine, Soy Sauce(Soy Beans, Wheat, Salt, Sugar, Alcohol), Cane Sugar, Seasoning Sauce(Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Soy Sauce(Soy Beans, Wheat, salt, alcohol), salt, sugar, dried fish (bonito, sardine, mackerel), fermented rice spices, bonito extract, tuna extract, spirit vinegar, kelp, flavor enhancer: E621, E621i, E635, E325, L-histidine, E631, alcohol, colorant), sugar, MIRIN style(glutinous rice, rice koji protein, vitamin B6, alcohol), soy sauce(soybeans, wheat, salt, sugar, alcohol), garlic. ), , Wasabi, Sea salt * contains leek, shiitake mushrooms and seaweed, *Traces: peanut



wheat, fish (bonito, sardine, mackerel, tuna), soy, peanut

What is OZAKI Beef?


The title of Ozaki Beef is given only to cattle bred on the farm by the beef supplier Mr. Ozaki in Miyazaki Prefecture. This brand is the only brand named after the breeder himself.

Mr. Ozaki once learned the most modern breeding method in a cattle farm in the U.S.A. with the head count of 17,000 cattle, but he did not think that the method of factory farming, where the animals increase rapidly to be easily sold quickly, was right. Therefore, he later developed his own breeding method on his own farm in Japan, creating the meat he would like to eat himself and offering it to his family and friends with 100% satisfaction. Only after 30 years did he manage to get his cattle the title of Ozaki cattle.

The special feed for the cattle on his farm consists of 15 different feeds like hay from his own farm, brewer's yeast, barley and corn and all natural organic without antibiotics or preservatives. In addition, because of his conviction that the meat can mature better in the living body, he brings his cattle to the slaughter only after 28 months but 36 months ago, although many breeders bring on average 28 months old cattle to the market.

The long-ripened meat is known for its buttery, tender fat that melts easily on the tongue of the eater and for its rich taste of muscle tissue that develops further when chewed and is easily digestible despite its high fat content.



This product will be shipped refrigerated by DPD Foods or UPS Express within Germany or delivered with our own delivery service within Frankfurt am Main and the surrounding area. Of course, this product can also be made available for collection at the KABUKI Restaurant Kaiserstraße 42 60329 Frankfurt am Main.


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