Okonomi-yaki (shrimp)

Okonomi-yaki (shrimp)
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Okonomi-yaki (shrimp) Okonomi-yaki (shrimp) Okonomi-yaki (shrimp) Okonomi-yaki (shrimp)
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Okonomi-yaki with shrimp

Preparation time: 9 minutes

Content: for 1 person



Cabbage, powdered okonomiyaki, shrimp, egg, okonomi sauce, mayonnaise, pickled red ginger, bonito flakes, smoke flavors of beech, seaweed okonomiyaki powder (wheat flour, sugar, salt, glucose, bonito powder, baking powder, flavor enhancer: E621, Emulsifier:E475) Mayonnaise (Vegetable oil (rapeseed oil, soybean oil) ,egg yolk,spirit vinegar,salt,flavour enhancer,E621,spices,spice extract(contains mustard)) pickled red ginger(ginger,water,salt,acetic acid(E260),citric acid(E330),potassium sorbate(E202),anthocyanin(E163))




Fish (Bonito), wheat, eggs, soya, mustard



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Preparation time: 9 minutes

1. Mix the flour, eggs and water (120 ml) until DAMA (flour lumps) disappear.

2. Add the cabbage and mix coarsely, then add these ingredients to the hot cooking pan. (If turn-over is not easy, bake it in small quantities, divided into small pieces).

3. Place the shrimps on top and fry over medium heat. When the dish is a little browned, turn-over. When this is covered, the dish will become soft and full.

4 When water or steam starts to rise from the top, turn-over again.

5. The tasty aroma shows that the OKONOMI-YAKI is ready. Our advice is not to make the fire too strong.

6. Put the okonomi-yaki on the plate and add your favorite spices, which you can choose from the spices that go with the dish, such as sauce, mayonnaise, katsuo bushi (bonitofish shavings), ao-nori (seaweed), beni-shouga (ginger root in vinegar), etc., according to your taste, and enjoy the dish.



Okonomi-Yaki is a well-known specialty of Osaka and Hiroshima.
Here we offer you an okonomi-yaki of the Osaka style.
The ingredients are mainly wheat flour, eggs and cabbage. In addition, there are also meats and fish.
As there are no special rules for the deposits, you can use everything you can likes to take.
That you can choose something you like to take is called "Okonimi" in Japanese, which literally means "favorite things”.
To this "Okonomi-Yaki" is added shrimp, which is considered one of the typical. This dish becomes more and more tasty if you add sauce made from vegetables and adds mayonnaise, bonito fish flakes and dried seaweed.



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